The Ponder Effect | This Week
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What do I want this summer to be?

Never before has the start of summer been so anticlimactic. No end-of-the-year pool parties. No farewell hugs to teachers. No excited butterflies in the stomach. Just groundhog day, again. 

And yet, now that Memorial Day has come and gone, I feel a shift in the air. Summer itself can’t be quarantined. She has arrived with her afternoon showers and her joie de vivre. We have added watermelons, popsicles and the occasional bag of Doritos to our grocery list, and it could be that there’s fun to be had after all. Or rest or adventure or spontaneity or service — whatever it is that you are craving. What is it that you are craving?

Whatever it is will probably require some creative problem-solving. Maybe you can’t take your usual trip to the beach (or any trip at all), and yet your wanderlust has kicked in. How will it be satiated?  Maybe you just need rest after all this, and your office just reopened. How will you claim regular respite?

I tried to get my dearest friend and her kids to join us on an out west adventure, but she was noncommittal. When pressed, she said she wasn’t sure what she wanted from summer. She was making a list of her goals for the season and was going to make decisions based on those goals. Summer and goals are two words not often found in the same sentence, but it would be wise, wouldn’t it, to ponder them together. Ask yourself: What do I want this summer to be? And then make it happen. I’ll be eager to hear all about it, and I’ll check back in when it’s over.

Be well. Happy summer.