The Ponder Effect | What are you pondering this month?
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What are you pondering this month?

You know how last week we pondered the places that enrich our lives. Well, this month I am headed off to one of mine. Everything about it is refreshing—the air, the water, the pace of life. We walk to town for ice cream and eat fish out of the lake. We play and read and nap and visit. The kids ride their bikes and swim after dinner. It’s a place to be active and a place to just be. It’s a place that gives me the freedom to not have to think and a place that lets me ponder at leisure.

This month, while in my happy place, I will be taking a sabbatical from posting our weekly question. The ponder board will most definitely remain open, though, for us to use as we please. Jump on anytime and share what you are pondering. Post the questions that are surfacing in your own life. Check in or check out, whatever you desire.

When we return in August, our team will be refreshed and ready to launch new initiatives that will further our effort to effect positive change personally and collectively. In the meantime, be safe and happy pondering.

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