The Ponder Effect | What conversations can—and should—we be having around the Kavanaugh ordeal?
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What conversations can—and should—we be having around the Kavanaugh ordeal?

What has proven most worrisome to you about those proceedings? What questions or issues do we need to reflect on as a country? What is there to be learned?

Openly, respectfully, safely conversing about political issues has become almost impossible. From the start, our guiding question for this platform has been: What is possible when we ponder together? And so, what is possible when we ponder these hard topics together? Can we make space for someone with an opposing view? Can we consider something anew? Can we develop a heightened understanding that will enable us to move forward with more wisdom, more clarity, more unity?

*Note: Ponder Effect is a sacred space governed by the principle of respect. Our anonymity is not, and never has been, a barricade from which to hurl verbal attacks. It is, rather, a conscientious effort to shift from me, me, me to we. Within this world, within this collective, we are all individuals with different experiences, perspectives and stories, united by a shared humanity. What is beautiful here is the willingness to engage with ourselves and with one another on questions that challenge us.

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3 Ponderings
  • Anonymous

    October 15, 2018 at 9:00 am

    None of these words below justify anything related to the “Kavanaugh-Ford” encounter but are rather broader considerations.

    We need to be talking about consent. Consent is critical for the safety of everyone. Consent perhaps should be continuous within a sexual encounter too which is likely different for many of us. The scenes from the movies of a couple passionately ripping each other’s clothes off represents something that is likely no longer acceptable prior to an enduring relationship. Historically, moving from “step 1 to step 2” sexually did not involve a question but an action, potentially a subtle action initiated by either gender to gauge a response. An action-first approach to sexuality may now not be “okay”. An action without a question first may make the other participant uncomfortable. Combining passion and respect is going to be new.

    We also need to be talking about alcohol and sexuality. Drunk sexual activity is risky for all participants as decision-making is impaired and bodies are personal.

  • Anonymous

    October 15, 2018 at 9:37 pm

    The Kavanaugh hearings were deeply, deeply disturbing to me. Not because of the question of was he lying and she telling the truth or was she lying and he telling the truth. But because there were people…loud, disruptive, 100% sure people…who judged him guilty before he was proven guilty, or innocent. In fact even after the accusations could not be confirmed or even corrabated these “Americans” continued to “demand justice.” I am truly horrified that anyone in America would abandon our fundamental right to be “innocent until proven guilty.” Innocent until proven guilty is foundational to who America is and sets us apart from other countries where rampant imprisonment and death occurs merely from rumor or wishes of those in power. How can we have anyone, much less crowds of people who would abandon that right? It stuns me. It makes me terrified for my children and their children and the future of our country.
    I also think the Kavanaugh confirmation brought to glaring light how desperate and divided our political parties have become. And worse it brought to glaring light that for each party the “cause” now justifies whatever means they think will work. That is a scary reality. Such behavior, if history is our teacher, can lead to government collapse.
    I don’t know how we got to this point. And seemingly so fast. I hope that voices for respect, kindness, honor and principles will prevail.

  • Anonymous

    October 22, 2018 at 10:01 am

    Chiming in late here … I was surprised by the gut-level outrage I felt by the whole Kavanaugh thing. Honestly, it had more to do with the generalities associated with the hearing – less specific to Ford and Kavanaugh themselves, and more specific to society’s view of girls v boys. A close relative offered to write my girls a letter advising them of appropriate sexual behavior, so as not to lead boys down “the primrose path.” I did not lose my cool – I cannot believe it, but I didn’t! Instead, I respectfully asked that she write my son a letter advising him of appropriate behavior, and how to avoid even the shadow of a question if he’s ever had too much to drink. Girls have felt too long that their bodies are liabilities … and maybe, sadly, they are … but my hope is that we can raise a generation of boys and girls who have more respect for one another, and better overall restraint, and a sense of advocacy for a friend if he/she senses trouble, than what we saw on display at that Supreme Court hearing. What an utter humiliation for everyone involved.