The Ponder Effect | What?
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What is the Ponder Effect?

The Ponder Effect is a platform that values mindful inquiry and seeks to activate it. By asking challenging questions and engaging in sustained contemplation, we can bring ourselves more fully into our own humanity in a way that enhances both the self and the collective good. This work is deeply personal, but we believe it can and should also be deeply communal.


The format will include a weekly question, shared by email, that we will ponder individually and collectively. Once a month, a guest thinker will pose his/her question and ruminations. Sharing our musings in an open journal—made sacred by mutual respect and acceptance—we can begin to tap the question: What is possible when we ponder together?


You may still be wondering, but what does this do? Ultimately, the answer is up to us. The answer is the ponder effect itself, but we have to put in the work of pondering first to experience it. The more people out there thinking deeply about how to live, the better off we will all be.